Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!!

December 2010

Wishing you and your family

the Happiest of Holidays and

the Best  New  Year 2011


 Filippo   Laura

 Spartaco  Cesare

Grape Tart Recipe

“Schiacciata con l’Uva” is the most typical cake you will find in mamas’ hoven, bakeries and patisserie in September/October in Florence and surroundings. You cannot imagine how easy is to prepare a grape tart: the only difficulty is to have wine grape but a freezer can help.  On harvest day Filippo prefers to leave on the plant the bunches that are not ripe enough so I can go 1-2 weeks after the harvest and pick them. Grape Tart is such a delicious dessert also for winter season as you can serve it warm. I pick the grape as much as I can and then I freeze then in ricycled pasta plastic bag. They are very useful because they are usually transparent and you can recognise immediately that there is grape inside and they are enviromentally friendly because it is a good way to give a longer life to a product. Now let’s start!

Ingredients: 350 g of bread/pizza pasta, a bunch of wine grape, oil, rosmary, and a spoon of sugar cane (it is a secret…!)

For bread/pizza pasta: 250g flour, 100ml water, 1 tea spoons of salt, yeast, 1 table spoon of olive oil



Put olive oil in the pie tray and distribute with a finger also on the side. Then prepare the pasta in a round shape and put on the pie tray. Add grapes.



Add rosmary and cover the berries at the rim. Scatter sugar cane with a spoon like a rain. Put in hoven (180°) until the juice bubbles and bread is golden.


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Now Solar Energy at Ancora!

In September 2010 Ancora del Chianti  got the permission for solar panel from the Preserving Landscape Commission of the Ministry of Culture in Rome. They had to give the approval for super technological solar panels on the roof of our (empty) granary. They are meant to produce electric energy from the the sun with no CO2 emissions for selfcomsumption and distribute in the Italian energy net what in excess. We have been waiting 10 month and actually the most of it for this year has gone…but never is too late when you believe in renewable energies and substainable tourism!

By end September the panel was already on the roof and we only had to wait for the Italian Company for Electric Energy (ENEL) to check and connect our little plant (3 KW) to the Italian net. Giulio and Marcello, the technicians, arrived on 18th October with their white van full of coloured wires, boxes and helmets: what an exhitement for the kids!

They were friendly and professional and shared with us the emotion of the first connection and set up. We were really nervous as you never know until the end if everything is ok, expecially when different people do the previous job. After several checkings we could connect and enregister on the Italian Electric Net. What an emotion to have the Inverter feed back to our enquiries! We now producing electric energy from the sun with no CO2 emission.

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Trip Advisor Award to Ancora del Chianti

Autumn has arrived with its bright colours and its beautiful golden light and our postman has arrived with a very big surprise.


We are proud and honoured to announce

that B&B Ancora del Chianti received the

Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence for 2010.

This is the time for thanking all guest and friends

that made 2010 season so special:

the guests who came here for the first time,

the ones who have come back for the 2nd, 3rd… time,

the ones who comes regularly every year,

the ones who couldn’t and promised to come next year!

Ancora del Chianti B&B is now closed and

Laura and Filippo are waiting for you with pleasure

starting from April, 1st 2011.

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Rioni in Piazza 2010

On September Sunday 5th the big day arrived and everybody in Greve in Chianti was ready to be amazed…

The teams has been working several months in order to conceive a proper subject depending on different skills and characters available in every team. This year the mayor did not give any subject to follow, so we had parades of different times and atmospheres.

We belong to Rione i Castelli which means the Castles as our village of Greti is surrounded by 3 castles: Verrazzano, Vicchiomaggio and Calcinaia. Guess who from Ancora del Chianti partecipated to the parade…!?! The theme was “Paris and its history” and it has been developed through the historical facts and imaginary. Starting with Victor Hugo’s novel, the Huckback of Notre Dame de Paris with Quasimodo and beautiful Esmeralda (Irene) on parade.

Then King Louis XIV and Maria Teresa of Austria arrived followed by the Courtesants of the King.

After Cardinal Richelieu and the Musketeers with mustache and sword.

The French Revolution is represented by Marianne with the French Flag, Louis XVI and Maria Antonietta who will be guillotined in the square by the revolutionaries.

Napoleon Bonaparte rides a (real) horse and his wife Josephine Bonaparte is on a litter as Canova sculpted her. Then Belle Epoque arrived with Can Can Girls, Painters and Literary Café.

In the end the Tour Eiffel arrived and everybody was impressed by the fireworks: spectacular!!!

Other themes where: Fellini Circus, Musical Grease with Danny, Sandy and their friends,  The Fab 60’s with the Beatle’s, old fashion cars, and Flower Power movement, Shreck and his friends, Mary Poppins etc.

We hope next year you will be with us in the square to admire the 2011 parade!

Have a look at the pictures on our Flickr Page and have fun!!!