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Cooking Classes in Tuscany from Euro 80.00!

Join a hands-on cooking class followed by a convivial lunch or dinner during your holidays in Tuscany and... will experience a traditional Tuscan true hands-on cooking class followed by a convivial lunch or dinner with a dynamic and passionate local cook.

This is the perfect way to learn to cook delightful Tuscan cuisine in a young and informal atmosphere. With a Tuscany cooking lesson you will experience a true hands-on cooking course in Tuscany.

Later, you will set the table and then....everybody enjoy the meal!

Tuscany Cooking Class: 2.5 - 3 hour course and lunch/dinner to follow € 120.00 per person.

People who do not participate in the cooking class are also welcome to join for lunch/dinner at € 30.00.

Special program for groups starting from € 80.00 per person.

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SUPER TIP: combine your culinary vacation 2015 with a visit to a local vineyard for a Chianti wine tour with wine tasting and to a Tuscan olive oil producer with olive oil tasting. Book our 3 day FOOD&WINE at only € 195.00 per person for a complete sensory and memorable experience. 

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