Chianti Bed & Breakfast near Florence Siena - Ancora del Chianti


Turn your holidays in Tuscany at Ancora del Chianti BB into an active, learning and creative vacation with a painting class, a lively cooking class, oil and wine tours and tasting, private wine tours with sommelier, guided tours of Florence Museums; learn or improve your Italian language, explore the region hiking and biking in Chianti. It is fun & easy: read more!

Dreaming of ... a painting Italian holidays in Tuscany

                    ... explore wineries in Tuscany with wine tours with tasting and driver

                        ... experiencing Italian cooking class in Chianti

                          ... learning Italian and practising with local people,

                            ... biking and hiking tours in Tuscany? 

                               ...sharing this special experience as ... a single traveller,
                                                                                            ... a couple
                                                                                               ... a group of friends?                   

Fulfill your dream holiday in Tuscany with us and ... go beyond: it is easy at Ancora del Chianti B&B!

What ever is your dream or your travel style, a learning and creative holiday with an especially passionate local people will transmit the essence of Italian lifestyle and offer a memorable experience of your vacation in Italy. 


Customise your holidays in Tuscany according to your travel style, passion and time available. Choose a painting class in Tuscany, an Italian course, cooking class in Chianti, guided walking tours in the nature, biking tours and combine with other activity holidays such as wine tours in Chianti, visit to Florence Museum or with our special deals 2017.

At Ancora del Chianti - Eco Friendly B&B in Tuscany we will prompty provide program and rates and you'll enjoy the best and ... SAVE TIME and MONEY!


Chianti Wine Tours with Tasting in Tuscany

At only 10 min. drive from here, enjoy a guided tour with visit to the Castle's gardens and historical ageing cellars followed by a guided wine tour with tasting of a selection of the best wines and, if you wish, lunch with gastronomic Tuscan specialities prepared with raw ingredients from the castle itself.     continue

Olive Oil Tour with Tasting

Unique visit in the only olive oil press of Chianti where you can meet enthusiastic and quality oriented olive oil producers ready to share their passion and knowledge. Tour of the press with explanation about production, pressing, a tasting with sensory analysis in the glass followed by a light lunch with Mediterranean menu matching with the perfect olive oil variety.   continue

Cooking Class in Tuscany

This is the perfect way to learn to cook delightful Tuscan cuisine in a young and informal atmosphere. With a Tuscany cooking lesson you will experience a true hands-on cooking course in Tuscany. Later, we will set the table and then....everybody enjoy the meal!   continue

Painting Lessons and Workshop in Tuscany 2017

Art course holidays in Italy or just a short art break in Tuscany is the dream for most of the people who enjoy the history of art or paint themselves but it is hard to combine a convenient accommodation, an enthusiastic and competent local teacher who speaks your language and an unforgettable setting with...flexibility.      continue

Learning Italian Language

Turn your holidays in Tuscany, into a learning and creative vacation with a language course: start or improve your Italian language, while visiting and living with local people. It is fun & easy: read more!     continue

Biking in Chianti

Turn your holidays in Tuscany, into a sport vacation and explore the region hiking and biking in Chianti off the beaten path and combine this with a wine tours and tasting. It is fun & easy!     continue