Chianti Bed & Breakfast near Florence Siena - Ancora del Chianti

The Garden: Harmony for the soul

The Garden: Harmony for the soul

A great passion for botany and the advice of friends led Laura to create a garden suited to a dry climate, in continual bloom throughout the whole year, naturally in tune with the vines and olive groves of the surrounding  landscape.  Her passion for antique roses, which she has cultivated for a number of years, has also allowed her to add a delicate, evocative touch to the rustic ambiance.

The garden also offers a spacious and peaceful area for sunbathing where sunbeds, chairs and comfortable hammocks invite guests to experience the "Dolce far Niente" (the sweet joy of doing nothing!): let yourselves be lulled by birdsong as you casually admire the breathtaking scenery and glimpses of the countryside where historic villas, castles and quaint villages rise between the flow of vineyards and olive groves.

The dance of the Seasons: at Ancora del Chianti the spring welcomes us with fields full of anemones, daffodils, tulips and wild gladioli.

Wild OrchidWild orchids and the scarlet bloom of poppies are particularly striking, and in May the roses overwhelm us with an abundance of flowers, colours and scents.

The iris (typical flower of the Chianti countryside) is next to flower alongside the althea which stays until autumn. The summer welcomes geraniums, carnations, an explosion of lavander, exotic passion flowers and stunning poincianas. To follow come dahlias, daisies, Jerusalem artichokes and wild amarillys which spring up to surprise us from evey corner.

In October nature closes the warm spell with rich flame shades of the vines from golden yellow to ruby red, before re-awakening once more the following Spring.

IrisNot forgetting, of course, the almond trees which announce the arrival of Springtime, the cool summer shade of the walnut trees, the bitter fruit of the nespola tree, the elegant silver grey of the olive leaves, the grandeur of the cypress trees, the bountiful cherry blossom lining the parking area, the golden treats from the apricot trees, the hammocks under the frame of the plum trees, the fragrant white and pink flowers of the acacia trees, the full fig trees and the old quince trees.

Nepitella (calamintha nepeta) and mint (mentha pulegio) grow all around, in the hills, between rocks and along the lanes which guests will easily be able to distinguish even at night time, treading through them under the moonlight, releasing their fragrance with each passing footstep.

The colours and aromas of Ancora are waiting for you¦

RosesThe queens of Ancora del Chianti: the rose collection, the real stars of the garden:

  • White: The pure white cascade of the climbing Iceberg (Kordes, 1958), the yellow-white hue of the David Austin Crocus Rose (Ausquest), the porcelain white pink of the Aspirin Rose (Tantau, 1995), the bright white of Peace (Meilland, 1942) with hints of pink and yellow crown.
  • Yellow: The delicate yellow of the Canicule (Tantau, 1993), the explosion of Spek's Yellow (Verschuren, 1965) and the yellow elegance of the Graham Thomas (Austin - Ausmas)
  • Orange: The orange-pink of the perfumed Augusta Louise (Tantau, 1999), the firey orange of the Sahara (Tantau, 1996) and the amazing Emeraude d'Or (Dalbard, 1965): yellow bud with pink blossom and intense orange then crimson colour before losing its petals.
  • Pink: The shy pink of the Claire Matin (Meilland, 1960), the baby pink of the Queen Elisabeth (Lammerts, 1954), the shocking pink of the Leonardo da Vinci (Meilland, 1994) with its abundant and compact bloom.
  • The only red: The deep velvet red of the Crimson Glory (Kordes, 1935) with its intense scent.