Chianti Bed and Breakfast near Florence - B&B Ancora del Chianti

Our Story - Our Passions

Our Story - Our Passions

B&B Ancora del Chianti Eco Friendly Art Retreat History 

The adventure began back in 2000 when we decided to revert back to the real values and experiences of nature and make an important change in our lifestyle.  We moved from our city life environment in Chianti and began the restoration of a rural farmhouse and garden with great enthusiasm. 


The idea of starting a Bed & Breakfast also gave us the possibility to welcome guests from all over the world into our home, to share experiences and exchange ideas via a personal tourism. 

We welcomed our first guests in 2001

During the winter of that year new vines were planted and serious pruning of the olive trees began, following several years of neglect. In the following Spring the vegetable patch was ready and e started by planting aromatic herbs.
Since those early days much has changed and there are more plans for the future, but one thing has remained constant, the enduring spirit: the desire to create a simple and pleasant environment for all the guests who decide to visit us and for ourselves: where the frenetic pace of life can slow down, allowing us to re-adjust to our own rhythm, follow the dance of the seasons, enjoy a silent morning stroll and savour a veritable glass of wine at sunset, accompanied by a good book.
On returning from dinner, the stars will light the way to your room where a comfortable bed and an undisturbed sleep complete a day of discovery and emotion, accompanied by the gentle sound of crickets.  

Our Passions: " what do you do in the Winter?"

This is a question that we are regularly asked when we announce the winter closing of the B&B activity between November and March.

The response (in part) is that in addition to the maintenance work carried out on the property (furniture, furnishings and garden etc.) we turn to cultivating our own hobbies with dedication and passion!!

LauraFilippo prunes the olive trees and the vines alongside a diligent participation in the Panzano Philarmonic Band where he plays the trumpet.

Laura dedicates her time to painting. She has been painting for over 20 years experimenting with different media, but watercolour is her challenge in life.
You will find her watercolours in the rooms of the B&B and on her on line portfolio.

Her latest discovery and passion is designing and sewing, creating originally designed cloth bags from remnants and recycled material.

Following the first bag "Lola", other designs quickly followed and together with a friend Laura started a Blog where, amongst other things, readers can view the designs and follow sewing tutorials. Every bag is hand made, original and unique and the complete collection is on line and continously updated.