Now Solar Energy at Ancora!


In September 2010 Ancora del Chianti  got the permission for solar panel from the Preserving Landscape Commission of the Ministry of Culture in Rome. They had to give the approval for super technological solar panels on the roof of our (empty) granary. They are meant to produce electric energy from the the sun with no CO2 emissions for selfcomsumption and distribute in the Italian energy net what in excess. We have been waiting 10 month and actually the most of it for this year has gone…but never is too late when you believe in renewable energies and substainable tourism!

By end September the panel was already on the roof and we only had to wait for the Italian Company for Electric Energy (ENEL) to check and connect our little plant (3 KW) to the Italian net. Giulio and Marcello, the technicians, arrived on 18th October with their white van full of coloured wires, boxes and helmets: what an exhitement for the kids!

They were friendly and professional and shared with us the emotion of the first connection and set up. We were really nervous as you never know until the end if everything is ok, expecially when different people do the previous job. After several checkings we could connect and enregister on the Italian Electric Net. What an emotion to have the Inverter feed back to our enquiries! We now producing electric energy from the sun with no CO2 emission.

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Back to School


On Wednesday 15 September, our kids are back in school after a long summer break.

This is the message you will find at the front door when I have to go to pick up our kids at the school bus. It will not be long as they arrive at the beginning of the main road, about 10 min walking. Not a big deal!

The kids are so enthusiastic to come back to school after a long almost 2 months and half holiday. It is a very important moment: Spartaco is beginning primary school and Cesare is beginning the kindergarten. All that means new school friends and new teachers for both of them. Everybody is so exhited for the new things to come.

This summer they have been very busy. They helped a lot at Ancora del Chianti: the eldest has decided he will be a waiter when grown up after his practise at breakfast with guests. The youngest is still too shy for that. What they enjoyed most has been helping Filippo in preparing the firewood for the cold season.

Summertime is the best moment for collecting, chopping, and preparing it. They prepared a big stock: it will be enough for our wood-fired heating for the whole winter! They enjoyed to carry and to move it with a small yellow hand-cart with proper working gloves. So cute and so helpful!

LEMON SMART: the home made lemon detergent


You can make environment smile preparing your Eco- Friendly Dishwasher Detergent with Lemons at home!

I got the recipe from a dear friend of mine, who is the perfect landlady with a spotless home who discovered this revolutionary detergent 100% eco-friendly, effective and money saving. I had to try immediately. I took 3 ripe lemons from the garden and ran the stairs to do the rest. The result was spectacular: a lovely smell of lemon penetrated in every room; the whole preparation was no longer than 45 min and the pots I used were shining after preparation. Curious? Ready? Let’s go!



100ml of white vinegar

200gr of salt

3 lemons

400ml of water


2 empty jar for jam with a lid

An electric blender

A pot for cooking

A (wooden) spoon for stiring

A knife for chopping and take the seed away


Chop the lemons and take the seeds away.

Mince them with some salt in an electric blender until you have a soft impalpable mousse. Put the mousse in a cooking pot and add the other of the ingredients.

Cook it until it boils and stir for a few minutes while boiling. Put it in the jar when still hot for a vacuum effect.

You can store out of refrigerator.


Put 3-4 soup spoons of “LEMON SMART” directly on dishes for a normal wash in the dishwasher. For more effective washing add an extra glass of white vinegar on the dishes.

Use it for hand washing dishes.

Use it to make shining steel and glaze (sink, etc.)


This is YOUR organic, eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable detergent. Be proud of it.

You will save money: ingredients are in every house and they are extremely cheap.

If kids and animals get in contact with (…eat or drink) it: no problem. It is basically food but in a strange proportions.

You can also use it for cleaning steel and glazing.

Suitable for people allergic to chemicals and no harm to eyes or skin when you use it.


The mousse must be very fine up to impalpable. Otherwise the little peels in the lemon will be on glasses and the filter can have problems.

Inform you partner you are preparing a detergent and not a lemon custard! As soon as he/she will smell it, he/she will be forced to taste it. It happened already twice: Simone and Marco have been very upset for not to be warned in advance…..


Try this revolutionary detergent immediately and tell your friends: they will thank you as mine did. Remember, it is easy: 1-2-3-4:

1 as 100ml of white vinegar

2 as 200gr of salt

3 as 3 lemons

4 as 400 ml water

Or simply send everybody a link to this page:

Let’s spread the word around!