The DOORS at Ancora del Chianti!


What???….!!!! Jim Morrison’s group is giving a concert at Ancora del Chianti???? How can it be? When? How to book, I want to be there…….

No, Jim Morrison’s group is not having a concert at Ancora del Chianti (I wish they could). We are talking about real doors with handle and key….the doors of the B&B.

Last year I got the idea of painting the doors by myself for the first time in my life. You know my passion for watercolour painting and I took the challenge under the assumption that it should not be so different painting door or painting watercolours: it is always a matter of brush and colours. Actually it was NOT.

First of all, I had to remove 2-3 layers of old hard paint as we bought these doors at a second hand shop. It was not easy nor harmless. I tried with a paint remover and it turned to be toxic to me: my skin had red itchy spots. It lasted for a few weeks. Horrible situation……. I felt miserable because time was running out fast with little result. Plus absolutely no fun at all!

So I decided to remove the paint mechanically with a smoothing tool. My father could help me. He started laughing when I told him the whole story and he replied “Next time, call me from the beginning: you’ll save time and health!!” He did a great job and the doors were clean in just one day!

Black clouds in my head started to disappear when I first touched a brush and painted the first white coat. The best of it arrived with the colour: a happy gold yellow! I felt the pleasure of distributing the colour on the surface trying to press the brush more or less considering the effect I wanted. The right proportion of water for the proper covering and seeing how the coat absorbed it depending on humidity in the air on rainy or sunny days. I loved to manage and to be led by so many elements. In the past I called it ”the struggle” now I prefer to say “the dance” of life.

This year we decided to repeat the pleasant experience starting with the right step: first of all a smoothing tool in my father’s “office”; my father’s help; a generous layer of coat and then bright colours.

This is us today. To be continued……

LATE AUTUMN GIFT from the garden


I was so delighted to find these beautiful roses in the garden in mid December.

We had little rain and warm days so they could grow and blossom in tranquillity. I could admire them from the bedroom window and as soon as the forecast announced rain, I went in the garden and cut them all.

I came back home with a scented basket of lovely roses and I wanted to celebrate the event. I found two white emanail vases and put them on the cupboard in the sitting room……I was not satified…..I could not tell what: the whole composition was “cold”.

Then I had a look around …..and I discovered a bag of  ball of yarn from a hank I bought at Greve in Chianti market on a Saturday morning.

The day before 2 willing partners (Spataco and Cesare) helped me to wound the hank in a ball. My intention was to make one big ball but I finally realize with disappointment that the yard was cut in several pieces…..and felt miserable. he solution was to wound sevaral small ball and keep as decoration….. This is the result.