Czech Champions at Ancora del Chianti


The Captain

In late August, Ancora del Chianti has been honoured to welcome and host the Official Angler Lady Team from Czech Republic during their partecipation to the World Fishing Championship in Florence from 28.08 to 04.09.

This was the third edition of the event organized by the Italian Federation of Sport Fishing and Underwater Activities (FIPSAS) for a unique event gender: 26 different disciplines, divided by internal waters (rivers and lakes) and at sea. Most of the races were held in Florence on Arno embankments.

After the race in Florence

The impressive partecipation engaged more than 2,500 athletes, 1,100 coaches and including, 1500 between the commissioners and judges for a total of about 5,000 participants from 66 nations around the world and more than 130 national sports federations. It was a sport, ecology and adventure without equal in Italy.

Preparing Equipment at Ancora

The coach and the athletes choose Ancora del Chianti because of the proximity to Florence (20km) and for the tranquillity and rural atmophere requested for the psicological preparation for the races.

They woke up very early in the morning, had breakfast and came  back to Ancora del Chianti in the afternoon for relaxing and preparing the equipment for the day after. It was a real amusement for my kids to assist them. A bit shy in the beginning but ….very helpful in the end, as you can see.

They come 5th in the World Rank and left Chianti with the promise of coming back with family and friends rods too, of course. 

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Gunnel from Sweden


Growing peonies is my dream since I have been moving to Chianti from Florence down town. Peonies grow in shrubs and they are delicate and elegant. Colours range from white, cream or yellow, to pink, rose and brilliant scarlet. Peonie are perfect for flower arrangements. Only one problem: they love water!! Too much water for Chianti.
Unfortunately I did not realized that in the beginning and… all my attempts of growing grow peonies miserably failed. That’s what I admitted to Gunnel last time we met at Ancora del Chianti and she said: “We can share mine!!” 

As promised, she sent us her beautiful peonies as soon as they bloomed with a lovely letter. She spent holidays at her summer house by the lake and had fun painting and taking care of the garden with her 3 year old niece, Wilma. As soon as peonie bloomed she took a picture and sent me the card. What a marvelous flower!!

Besides gardening, she is also very found of art and she went visiting a nice exhibition of Emil Nolde in Skarhamm by the Nordiska Akvarellmuseet.  So, thank you Gunnel for the useful suggestions about a regenerating summer holiday at home…thinking of next travel in Tuscany!!

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Roger and his painting


Roger Perrier – Martigues

I am honoured to introduce a guest/friend who came to Ancora del Chianti several times and everytime he had nice news to announce.

Roger Perrier – Martigues

This time we are proud to present Roger Perrier and his new website which gathers and presents his artistic work. I find it very interesting as it shows also the way he interpretates art.

Roger Perrier – Martigues

Roger lives in Martigues, Cote Azur, France and the sea and sailing are his best subject of inspiration. He uses a mixed technique and the use of light is something special.

Don’t miss a visit!

Philippe and Janine


Recommended by dear neighbours in Belgium, Philippe and Janine arrive to Ancora del Chianti with another couple. They spend here a few days combining visits to Florence and Siena with relaxing countryside. This is a note they send us when back home: “Entouré par ses vignes et ses oliviers, Ancora del Chianti est un endroit magique plein de charme, à l’image de sa souriante et très efficace hotesse. Nous y avons passé un adorable séjour dont nous nous souviendrons longtemps. Merci encor Philippe et Janine “

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Our Chianti Farmhouse in Watercolour


Thanks to Gunnel for the lovely watercolour of Ancora del Chianti farmhouse with irises and geranium.

Gunnel was here last spring with her family. She has a true passion for flowers, gardening and countryside. She comes to Tuscany as soon as she can and loves to visit us everytime! We keep in touch often as we share passions for art, gardening and …. sewing!!

After the arrival of her card, new ideas arise. I started using my pensils again in a different and more spontaneus way. It is funny: when you live somewhere, you are used to see the same landscape or scenery, no matter how beautiful it is. You may like to paint it (which is way of celebrating in the end) but it is always there and you say: “I will do that tomorrow”. And tomorrow never comes.

After the arrival of Gunnel’s Card, I started to observe the house, the property and the wild flowers we meet at the edge of the road when I go picking up the kids at the school bus in a different way. And the watercolour pensil became alive. You may have surprises in the next weeks….who knows. 

The card is now in the breakfast room, welcoming all the guests everymorning.