Back to School


On Wednesday 15 September, our kids are back in school after a long summer break.

This is the message you will find at the front door when I have to go to pick up our kids at the school bus. It will not be long as they arrive at the beginning of the main road, about 10 min walking. Not a big deal!

The kids are so enthusiastic to come back to school after a long almost 2 months and half holiday. It is a very important moment: Spartaco is beginning primary school and Cesare is beginning the kindergarten. All that means new school friends and new teachers for both of them. Everybody is so exhited for the new things to come.

This summer they have been very busy. They helped a lot at Ancora del Chianti: the eldest has decided he will be a waiter when grown up after his practise at breakfast with guests. The youngest is still too shy for that. What they enjoyed most has been helping Filippo in preparing the firewood for the cold season.

Summertime is the best moment for collecting, chopping, and preparing it. They prepared a big stock: it will be enough for our wood-fired heating for the whole winter! They enjoyed to carry and to move it with a small yellow hand-cart with proper working gloves. So cute and so helpful!