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Grape Harvest at Ancora

In early October we had our 2010 grape harvest. This is a big event at Ancora because this is the crucial moment when the hard work of one year must give the best result. Every year Filippo chooses a different date: he has to decide when the grape has enough sugar for becoming a good wine. Usually he used to eat and taste the grape and if it was sweet enough it was time for harvesting. But technology arrived at Ancora del Chianti in September when he was proud to show to the family a new tool: a spectometer. It is fabolous: you put it in a juice of a grape that you consider rapresentative of all the vineyard and it gives the approximate grade of the wine at the level of sugar that it can detect in the juice.

On harvest day we start early in the morning as soon as the soil is dry and there is no water in the grapes otherwise… will go in the wine! We start cutting the grapes and we collect them in big red buckets. Friends and family come from the city to help: from 2 y.o. up to 84 y.o. Then the grapes are delivered at the cellar where we have a machine for separating stalk from juice and put the juice in a steel barrel. The wine is done!!

Usually by lunch time most of the work on the field is done and an inviting  lunch is ready for everybody under the pergola. The menu is different every year but the is a must: beans and sausages with tomato sauce and sage. Nobody can resist!

Will you be with us next year? We are waiting for you!

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