Lavender & Butterfly


Lavender is a blue explosion in the garden of Ancora del Chianti.

Lavender is a very strong plant ideal for Mediterranean climate. It need little water or none and can bear the wind very well. It loves dry and hot weather. It prefers a sunny place in the garden: sounth – west exposition is perfect.  It can be prune in different shapes: round shape is usually the most popular and scenic. Lines of lavender is also a very good option for an empty edge in the garden like a blue scented ocean.

The smell is also amazing and is long lasting. It is an evocative pleasure to smell of lavander in winter time when opening a drawer: it reminds you of summer and hot weather. The smell is so relaxing for me that I smell a sachet of lavender when lying in bed reading, just before falling asleep.

Once you cut lavender you can prepare nice bouquet with a decorative ribbon. On my opinion for such a simple and a country flowers semplicity is a winning strategy: follow the same range of natural colours and natural materials. You will be delighted. Here an example of hanging bouquet, perfect for outdoor or indoor. Typical to put them in a line on a cane in the livingroom or bathroom.

For a simpler and more discrete use, you can prepare lavander sachets. I love to recycle old piece of textile and ribbons. I keep on preparing all year round and then in summer I can fill them all. I also prepare little origami boxes with nice left over of wrapping paper. Just match the box with the right colour of sachets and you have a perfect little home made gift to offer.

Lavender attracts a lot os insects: butterflies, bees, wasps, and many others. In the morning and late afternoon is a ” Bzzing” blue universe. They move from a flower to the other very frenetically. They seem charmed by the colour and captivated by the smell. So do we.

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