Postman stuck at Ancora del Chianti


Last Check

Ancora del Chianti postman

Ancora del Chianti is such a beatiful place that also the postman doesn’t want to leave!!

This is what happened just a few days ago when on spring sunny day the postman as usual arrived to Ancora del Chianti at 14.30. But after delivering and saying “Bye bye” the car did not move anymore…
What to do then…?

Truck ready

First of all I offered him a lovely Italian coffee on the marble table of my kitchen. He was very upset because he still had some mail to deliver that day. After a second try with the car he decided to call the postoffice  for help. They could not send someone to collect him and take him back to the postoffice but they could send someone to take the car. So I took him to Greve and once back at 15.30 I met the man in charge for the car waiting for the tow truck. The tow truck was late and we had time for:
– a nice conversation
– hanging washing in the garden
– unloading dishwasher
– another coffee

Finally the truck arrived and I was impressed how easy it was to take the car!

Well done!

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