Opening our windows on Dec 19, 2009: SNOW IN CHIANTI!!!

Hills, vineyard and Castello of Verrazzano covered by mist and snow! As soon as the mist disappeared and the sun came out we could see how much snow all around us and in the valley! See more pictures here:

Kids stayed home and nobody left. Maya, our dog, loved to run around the house and through the vineyard, jumping in the snow: no time for posing. In the morning big fun and snow balls enjoying the unusual landscape. !!

But in the afternoon when a show started storming, we decided to leave home quickly as we had to take a flight 2 days later for our Christmas holidays. We were afraid of beeing stuck in the snow and miss it!!!

Can you imagine to pack for 4 people for Christmas holidays in only 3 hours? That’s what I did. And because of small luggage, this was the first timethat we wore all the clothes we brought on holidays!

More pics on our Flickr page

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