Spring is here!


From one day to another nature has reawakened from a sleepy and grey winter as soon as a warm sun started shining again.

After a long, cold, rainy and snowy winter, spring has arrived at Ancora del Chianti with its gifts. It is very pleasant  to feel the warmth of the first spring sunrays on my face together with a soft breeze. And I become very…..lazy….I would love to spend all my day swinging on the hammock if I only could.

Plum trees are in blossom and birds start singing again too. They fly incessantly looking for food and straw, preparing their nests. They are very busy. Last year, Gunilla, an expert birdwatcher from Sweden, recognised at least 43 different birds, both from their singing and their shape. This is the result of growing organic!

In the beginning of spring, you can find little flowers in the grass. We have of course daffodils and anemones, but the little shy flowers hidden by the grass are the most amazing. They cannot bare the heat so they will disappear as soon as the sun becomes stronger. Now is the moment for appreciating them at their best. Pure beauty hidden in small things…..

Anyway, daffodils and anemones are the protagonists of spring fields. Yellow and purple will be combined in the next few weeks and the house will be full of country bouquets.

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