Wild Boar Festival from April 23!!


Every year at the end of April and beginning of May, the small village of Chiocchio become a point of reference for the Chianti people who love good food and for the Florentine connesseurs. The 2010 edition of the famous Chiocchio Wild Boar Festival will be held from 23rd April untill 2nd May and during these special days the protagonost is………….the wild boar.

The mamas of Chiocchio and non-professionals cook do their best in the kitchen preparing the wild boar specialities several days in advance. The wild boar meat has very little fat and a lot of muscle: if you do not cook properly you risk to have a piece of wood in your plate!

That’s why they prepare a marinade with water, vinegar, carrots, onions, bay leaves, gineper corns, pepper corns, etc. It can be a 24 hours marinade but usually even longer. Of course this is just a short list of ingredients: the real recipes is secret and everyboby has his own which is, obviously, the best! And after that they have to cook. The result is a real piece of art!

All people working both in the kitchen and as waiters are volonteers, raising money for the local foot team of children and grown up. With the money they get from the restaurant they buy new uniform, pay the maitenance of the field and last but not least kids and adults can have not only shower but hot showers!!!

The festival is lasting more than a week and all the village is involved. This year also me and Filippo will be volonteers as waiters on 30th April. This is our first time as waiters at Chiocchio Wild Boar Festival and we are exhited. We will do our job and we think we will have fun. Will you join us?

To be continued…….