Wild Boar Festival on Show


Here is the pictures of the amazing Wild Boar Festival that took place in the little village of Chiocchio from 23rd April to 2nd May. Me and Filippo partecipated as guests several times with our friends and as waiters on 30th April, Friday night.

As you can see from the pictures, the atmosphere is captivating. You can feel that all the big job that is done everyday from the morning untill late at night is volunteers and with joy. The harder you have to work, the funnier it is in the end.

The total number of volunteers is about 50 people to coordinate and there are mainly 4 teams: organising, cooking, waiters and casher, cleaning and washing up. Me and Filippo were in the waiters group with Gianluca, Bottega, Tiziana, Simona, Romolo and Francesca.

The beginning of the evening was slow and few people arriving, but by 20,30 the crowd arrived and it was difficult to catch up with the orders and follow all the requests. None of us is a professional and for that reasons our efforts were doubled. By the end of the evening all seats available were busy and we hardly arrived to satisfy all the request escpecially for “cinghiale in umido”  (wild boar stew) that was a real success. Later we all danced with live music!!

If you misses to enjoy this appointment, do not worry. Next year the Wild Boar Festival Team is waiting for you End April – Beginning May.

More pictures on our Flickr Page

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