See you again on 22nd March 2012

Red Leaves at Ancora del Chianti

Ancora del Chianti will open again on 22nd March 2012

Many thanks to all the guests who shared their holiday time with us
and especially to the ones who partecipated to the Photo Contest
with enthusiasm and brilliant sense of humour.
We will let you know soon who is the winner.

Ancora del Chianti is closed now and this is finally the time to cultivate our own hobbies with dedication and passion: Filippo will take care of the vineyards and the olive trees alongside a diligent participation in the Panzano Philarmonic Band where he plays the trumpet; Laura will dedicate her time to bricolage, including painting and creative sewing. Her winter project is to create originally designed cloth bags from remnants and recycled material. She will let you know as soon as new models will be  ready!!

Laura and Filippo are waiting for you with pleasure
starting from 22nd March 2012.

Have a lovely winter!!

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