1st MegaWatt at Ancora del Chianti

In Mid October we had our our solar panel installed for electricity production and we started to produce clean energy in Chianti for our family and for the guests of our bed and breakfst.

People selling solar panels are (or must be) optimistic about the results as they have to promote their business of course, but we did not expect to be so true especially because we were facing winter!! They told us also about the benefits on the enviroment and …It all came true in a very short time!

Just Before 1000

The winter this year has been cold and rainy and we had very few days of sunshine. Despite that we had our first MEGAWATT in late March. Solar energy is free emission and producing 1 Mega with solar energy we saved oil for 250 Kg and reduced Carbon Dioxide for 500 Kg for enviroment benefit.

This is the picture just before 1000 watts and………………

Just After 1000


…….. here the picture just after 1000 watt of production!

Curious to know what’s in between? Easy to answer: a lovely Sunday picnic in the garden with kids for celebrating Springtime!!