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Fly Traps for Sustainable Good Olive Oil

Instructions for fly traps

Today is a special day at Ancora del Chianti – Eco-Friendly B&B in Tuscany. Our family is preparing sustainable fly traps in order to protects the new olives from the dangerous flies that distroyed most of the olives last year and obliges us to use 2013 olive oil. In coherence with our enviromentally conscius lifestyle we decided not to use pesticide that can be dangerous for people and other insects. After a lot of consideration the Boss – Filippo – finds the good recipe!

You need: used plastic bottles, yarn, vinegar and honey. That’s it! Prepare bottles with holes and yarn, mix in a container with the help of a young volunteer and put in the bottle.

Young Volonteer – Cesare

The hole in the bottle – the traps is ready

Go in the olive grove and ma ke sure every olive tree has one.

Distributing the bottles

Hang properly on a branch and……good luck!

Good Luck!

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