Ready for Winter


Woodpile at Ancora del Chianti

Summer days has gone and winter is approching. Windy and rainy days are awating for us and we are ready to face cold weather with enthusiasm at Ancora del Chianti.

Filippo preparing the woodpile

The B&B is closing soon and life on the hill will be even more quiter, if ever possible… The wine and the oil is in the cellar and the whole family is busy with winter activities: kids are going to school and playing sports; Filippo is teaching in Florence and playing trumpet; me, I will start sewing and painting again and…the last member of the family, our fabolous Boderus Heater will start “eating” logs again…..!!

Filippo and Spartaco moving logs

A few years ago, we changed our heating system into a hot water heater with wood fire. Wood comes mainly from our olive grove and the little forest next to our vineyard. We are also grateful to the substantial help of friends getting rid of their garden pruning.

We collect, chop and prepare woodpiles all year round but the most intensive moment is August-September as the wood logs are dry after hot summer days. We usually wait 1 or 2 years after the cut before we use them in the fire and we move the logs in this period in order to get the best exposition to sun and wind depending on the aging. Even just moving the logs is a big job!

Hopefully we are not alone and our kids are happy to help. They have mini-working gloves and they are very proud to wear them and show everybody…

We wishing you a warm winter to everyboby!!

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