Ancora del Chianti as “The Enchanted Castle”


Emanuela's Letter

Thank you to Emanuela and Koloyan for the lovely message we was found in the room when they left Ancora del Chianti. The words are so warm, fresh and full of entusiasm that I couldn’t help to place it in the blooming roses for a picture!

Quando Emanuela e Koloyan sono partiti dall’Ancora del Chianti hanno lasciato questo messaggio in camera. L’ho trovato particolarmente carino, fresco e così pieno di entusiasmo che non ho trovato posto migliore se non tra le rose in fiore per una foto!

“Dear Laura, Laura’s Family and Ingrid,
we have been lost in Greve like in some distance heaven. Thank you for your warm welcome! As we think for Ancora del Chianti, it sounds like “The Enchanted Castle”. Yes, it is! Please, keep this magic so that we could find and taste it again next time! Remember if sometimes in the future you feel tickle, this means that we are thinking about you and the beautiful spirit in Chianti! Hope you’ll be happy and all the nice people find the path to Ancora del Chianti!!! As a famous singer says: “24.00 baci” from us! Emanuela and Kaloyan”

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