“Bei momenti in Chianti” by Giovanni and Lilly


Altogether on the terrace

As soon as Giovanni and Lilly arrived at Ancora del Chianti, I was surprised by their familiarity with Florence and surroundings as he is a young man from Northern Italy and she is a lovely lady from Melbourne, where they live.

After a quick talk, I discovered that they met in Florence at a friends’ party a few years ago years ago while he was working in Florence as a manager for an international freight forwarding company and she was visiting her family in Italy. You can guess yourself what happened afterwards if after a few years they lived before moving to Australia and starting a family!

Their trip to Chianti was the occasion for visiting friends and to show their daughters the places they love best. This is a message they sent with the some nice pictures:

“Ciao Laura & Co.,
ormai tornati da 2 settimane, finalmente ho trovato il tempo di scriverti. Abbiamo passato dei bei momenti in Chianti stavolta.
La nostra sosta da Ancora del Chianti e’ stata speciale, tu e Maria siete persone squisite, la tua generosita’ con le bimbe, le merendine, la torta etc. sono state davvero apprezzate. Noi saremo assenti dall’Italia per i prossimi 2 anni, speriamo di tornare in Chianti, nel quale caso torneremo all’ Ancora del Chianti. Un abbraccio Giovanni, Lilly, Alexandra e Charlotte”

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