Iris Triumph


This year a miracle happened at Ancora del Chianti.

At last, we had our irises flowered and we could see their colour after a crested porcupine ate the roots a few years ago in one winter night.

Irises are a very slow growing flowers. They are very easy to multiply (just plant a piece of broken root) but they will grow as a proper plant in about 3 years and a full group of flowers in about 3-5 years depending on the variety.

Usually friends give us. Most of the time what friends give us is a mix of roots and it is hard to tell what colour exactly they are. This is why I was so curious to discover…..and when the plants were ready for flowers the crested porcupine ate (and mixed) them so……other 3 more years before we could admire the irises!!

But this year no porcupine in winter time: irises had their long and strong stalk late May and in mid- June they started to flower. It is impressive to see theĀ gentle development of the flower afterwards. The flower has a very geometrical and rigid shape in contrast with the end of the petals that are are so delicate and smooth that the wind can move the terminal part. And last but not least the smell is amazing…..expecially for the white ones.

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