Red as Passion


Red roses are rare in my garden. I always found them a bit too much “classical” and obvious so that I have not planted them since a few years ago. And the reason why was that when we moved here I discovered an old  beatiful red rose  that alone was enough representative the whole category of red roses by itself. Petals are velvety, colour is resistent and stay untill they fade, flower can arrive up to 20 cm of diameter. The scent is also an experience: lemon accent on musk backround…It has no copious flowering, just lonely beautiful red roses. I do not know the name and any help is welcome. Her nick name is “Red Beauty”.

So the following year I have been filling my garden with yellow, pink and white roses. My husband was protesting as only red roses have a meaning for him. The others (pink, white, yellow) are only pale copy of the “queen of the garden”. So, after his protesting, I decided to add red roses but far from the “Red Beauty” and with different characteristics for not competing.

I added a “Crimson Glory”, a climber by Kordes (1935). Roses start deep red and turn purple when they fade.  This rose is now on the iron arch and we are waiting to cover it all.

Both roses are so scented: you can also use for prepare a delicate aromatic tea.

Here a simple RECIPE: boil water and fresh scented petals in a jug untill the petals became dark. Filter the tea and add honey or sugar if you prefer sweeter. It can be served hot with biscuits or cold as refreshment.

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