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Laura & Filippo www.ancoradelchianti.it

Laura & Filippo www.ancoradelchianti.it

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Filippo & Laura

Photo & Video Contest 2015


Colle Val D’Elsa, Tuscany. Photo by Alexandre (F), Photo Contest Winner 2014

Ancora del Chianti B&B is proud to launch
the NEW CONTEST for 2015

Will YOU be the next winner? …why not!

It’s easy: come for a visit and follow the instructions!

Regulation for 2015:
Submitted photos and videos must recreate/explain the “Perfect Moment” of your holiday in Tuscany during your stay at Ancora del Chianti or your moment of fun. We offer 2 complementary nights at our B&B to the winner, valid within season 2016. Entry is free and all levels of expertise are welcome. We only require a formal releasing that by entering the competition you agree to allow us to use the photos on our blog, FB page and website and in promotional or commercial material of any kind with full name and full address. Photos must be sent in JPG format to info@ancoradelchianti.it and as the videos, must arrive within Nov 8 2015 with the formal releasing.


Regolamento 2015:
Le foto e i video inviati devono rappresentare/descrivere il “Momento Perfetto” durante le vostre vacanze in Toscana all’Ancora del Chianti o un momento divertente. Al vincitore offriamo 2 notti gratuite presso il bed and breakfast entro il 2016. La partecipazione è gratuita e aperta a tutti previa liberatoria formale nella quale si autorizza alla eventuale pubblicazione sui nostri siti e all’eventuale utilizzo delle foto per fini promozionali e/o commerciali con il nome completo, indirizzo e telefono. Foto da inviare in formato JPG a info@ancoradelchianti.it e i video sono da inviare entro il 8 Novembre 2015 insieme alla liberatoria .


See here all the Entries to previous editions

Qui tutte le Foto delle passate edizioni

Ancora del Chianti’s Photo Contest Winner 2014

Tuscan Harmony

Tuscan Harmony by Alexandre (F)

The Winner of Photo Contest 2014 is…
…Mr. Alexandre from France, with:
“TUSCAN HARMONY: breathe and let your soul fly”

Our congratulations to Alexandre,
who wins 2 complementary nights at Ancora del Chianti B&B in 2015.

Thank you Alexandre for this dynamic and still peaceful atmosphere.
I can’t take my eyes out of every little detail of the landscape
yet amazed by the sense of harmony and unity of the general composition.
We hope everybody can feel it soon, seeing that by real,
during their stay at Ancora del Chianti B&B!

Our Special Thanks also to the other partecipants
for their kind contributions on Ancora del Chianti B&B and Tuscany Visit.

Have a look to all the entries on our Flickr Page.
Have Fun!

Ancora del Chianti’s Photo Contest 2013 Winner


The Winner of Photo Contest 2013 is…

…Mr. Claus from Essen, Germany, with:

fugitive eternal beauty
winner 2013 of Photo Contest at Ancora del Chianti - eco-friendly B&B in Tuscany

Our congratulations to Claus,
who wins 2 complementary nights at Ancora del  Chianti in 2014.
We thank Claus for this shining gift!
The picture has an apparent the simple subject: the olive trees, symbol of peace and hard work through generations, weave together with powerful sun rays suggest the idea of a dynamic cosmic harmony.
This delicate yet strong image recalls the peace and the magic of every morning at Ancora del Chianti. The silence of the rising sun over the vineyard, the olive grove and the garden invites to deeply breathe and dive in the energy for the new day to come. We hope you can feel it soon, during your next visit to Ancora del Chianti.
Our Special Thanks to the other partecipants for their impressive contributions. It has been hard to choose!…. I promise to show all the pictures during the next months. Have a look to all the entries on our Flickr Page.
Have Fun!

Chris and Anne


Anne and Laura laughing and eating figues

This is me and Anne, winner of the “Photo Contest 2012”, in the garden laughing and eating figues during her stay at Ancora del Chianti last summer.This is not our most glamorous pose but we were having fun! Who cares…

Queste siamo io e Anne, vincitrice del “Concorso Fotografico 2012”, in giardino durante il suo soggiorno all’Ancora del Chianti la scorsa estate. Ridiamo abbracciate, mangiando gustosi fichi appena colti. Non è certo la nostra immagine più glamour ma quando ci si diverte…che importa?

Anne lives with Christophe in Lyon, France, and she passionated with opera singing. He is also keen of music and  he loves jazz and shooting jazz musicians. When back home they sent us this lovely message and a series of picture (see them all here).

Anne vive con Christophe a Lione, Francia, ed è appassionata di canto lirico. Anche lui è un appassionato di musica: adora il jazz e fotografa con maestria musicisti jazz. Una volta tornati a casa dopo il loro soggiorno in Chianti, ci hanno mandato questo messaggio e una serie di foto molto interessanti.

“Chère Laura,
ton mail nous rappelle à l’excellent souvenir que nous avons d’Ancora del Chianti et de ta rencontre!
Nos vacances était agréable à l’île d’Elbe, mais nous avons préféré la Toscanne pour ses magnifiques paysages. Nous avons dégusté l’huile d’olive qui est excellente, et bu le vin si délicieux :).
Voici nos photos de Toscane, notre choix est le miroir de la chambre dans laquelle nous avons dormi: ses formes et le reflet sont très sensuelles 🙂
. Il y a les photos d’Anne: c’est sa Toscanne comme elle l’a aimé, belle joyeuse, précieuse et simple. Et il y a mes photos, comme j’ai vu votre magnifique région et ses détails parfois. Bonne continuation et nous espérons à bientôt.
Christophe & Anne”