Lorne and Sue


This a nice message we received from our Canadian/Irish friends, Lorne and Sue who arrived at Ancora del Chianti in the middle of an unpredictable thunderstorm that in a few minute made everything wet. The rain was so strong that the umbrella was useless and the room was the only safe place. Strange way of welcoming guests in sunny Tuscany….but as soon as they settle down the storm stopped and the sun came out again.

 That very evening a spectacular sunset compesated the afternoon inconvenience. The followed life at Ancora and partecipated to Filippo’s concert with the Band of Panzano in the main square of Greve in Chianti: they really enjoyed Chianti life if during this trip Lorne his passion for red wine!

“Hi Laura & Filippo,
Hope you are all well;  we are fine here and missing Greve every day.  From the moment we arrived (in a roaring, but brief, thunderstorm) we thought we were home!  We felt that our week at Ancora del Chianti was the real part of our holiday in Italy, as we got to experience life in your village, including a musical concert in the town square.   We are determined to return one day. Lorne now insists that we only drink Chianti red wine. Take Care Lorne & Susan”

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Peter and Sjoerdje


Snow is everywhere in Europe: in Holland too. Peter and Sjoerdie sent us this picture during a nice walk in the wood near their house in Doetinchem, with their beloved dog.

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Tatiana & Co.


Tatiana and her friends from Saint Petersburg arrived at Ancora del Chianti in October and partecipated to grape harvest with us and our family and friends. They also took a lot of nice pictures of countryside and view around the B&B.

Tatiana went further: she took also a little sprout of our famous everlasting plant from the terracotta pot on the wall to take home. This is a very strong plant and infact it is growing now in her house.

This is the same plant at Ancora del Chianti yesterday under the snow. We will see later in spring if it will survive the cold this time.  

Here her message: 

“Dear Laura, sorry for delayed letter. Actually I didn’t want to answer formally like “It was unbelievable holidays, we hope to return next year etc.”. But now we’re almost closed by snow and one of the warmest things around us is that flower we’d stolen from your villa 🙂 He feels himself OK, became a little greater and sends you greetings. Great thanks for recommending market in Panzano, we still have some wine, pepper and olive oil on hand waiting for coming holidays. Hope to see you next year. Attached please find some photos from that days.
Best regards
Tanya, Denis, Liza and Savva”

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Gunnel’s Card


Gunnel is a teacher and an artist that comes regularly to Ancora del Chianti. Last time she came with the whole family and they spent nice days together both visiting and relaxing in the garden. In Autunmn we received this nice card of her summer house by the lake. She grows there beautiful roses and has a lot trees that make the fall season magical with the crazy colours of leaves. We really like the style of her painting and we can only say: “Thank you and Compliments

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Tonnis and Dianka


Tonnis and Dianka spent their honeymoon at Ancora del Chianti and a few weeks later we received their thanking card after their stay. They look wonderful on the picture and very in love as they are. Like a fairy tale…

 We had a lot to share as they were both involved in enviromental matters and they tought me the “cradle to cradle philosophy”.  It is a very interesting concept that I invite everybody to think about: with the growing knowledge of the living earth, design of products, industrial system, buildings, even regional plan can reflect the intelligence of natural systems and combine nature and commerce fruitfully. Nature-inspired design principles can make industry both prosperius and substainable.

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