Under the Tuscan Sun


Morning Sun on 18th October

On Wednesday 19th October, we celebrated one year of solar energy at Ancora del Chianti!!

Exactly today, one year ago, Giulio and Marcello, technician at the National Electricy Board, connected our solar plant to the national wiring plant and we are proud to announce that our panels have been producing 4176 KWh in an year: from 18th October 2010 to 18th October 2011.

What a job!

This result is mainly due to the long and sunny┬ásummer that blessed us with sunny days (…and no days of rain) from the end of May up to mid October.

This is not only an interesting result for the oil/carbon we saved for not producing electricity with traditional methods but also we could cut CO2 emission for 2,715 kilos, important cause of climate change.

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