Our Chianti Farmhouse in Watercolour


Thanks to Gunnel for the lovely watercolour of Ancora del Chianti farmhouse with irises and geranium.

Gunnel was here last spring with her family. She has a true passion for flowers, gardening and countryside. She comes to Tuscany as soon as she can and loves to visit us everytime! We keep in touch often as we share passions for art, gardening and …. sewing!!

After the arrival of her card, new ideas arise. I started using my pensils again in a different and more spontaneus way. It is funny: when you live somewhere, you are used to see the same landscape or scenery, no matter how beautiful it is. You may like to paint it (which is way of celebrating in the end) but it is always there and you say: “I will do that tomorrow”. And tomorrow never comes.

After the arrival of Gunnel’s Card, I started to observe the house, the property and the wild flowers we meet at the edge of the road when I go picking up the kids at the school bus in a different way. And the watercolour pensil became alive. You may have surprises in the next weeks….who knows. 

The card is now in the breakfast room, welcoming all the guests everymorning.

Happy Easter with Flowers


We are glad to share the beauty of nature with our dear friends:  flowers from the garden and painted flowers.

We actually can admire just a few flowers from the garden due to the cold weather of the last days…hopefully it is getting warmer.

In the field you still find wild anemones and daffodils. In the garden old mahonia starting to blossom with a sweet penetrating smell that abstract bees and insects. The flowers are pure yellow: a touch of sun. On the terrace you will be struck by the orange flames of flowers given by Filippo’s Grandmother, Nella, last year. Last year we only had green plant with spiral leaves. This year the flowers arrived and it is like a fire.

Then the first red passion carnetion appeared! What a marvel and smell!

And last but not least, painted flowers with watercolour. As you can see my wednesday afternoon watercolour classes has been started again with such great pleasure…I met my collegues again and had fun painting, eating home baked biscuits and drinking Vinsanto, offered by our Maestro, Luciano.

More pictures on our Flickr Page