Gunnel from Sweden


Growing peonies is my dream since I have been moving to Chianti from Florence down town. Peonies grow in shrubs and they are delicate and elegant. Colours range from white, cream or yellow, to pink, rose and brilliant scarlet. Peonie are perfect for flower arrangements. Only one problem: they love water!! Too much water for Chianti.
Unfortunately I did not realized that in the beginning and… all my attempts of growing grow peonies miserably failed. That’s what I admitted to Gunnel last time we met at Ancora del Chianti and she said: “We can share mine!!” 

As promised, she sent us her beautiful peonies as soon as they bloomed with a lovely letter. She spent holidays at her summer house by the lake and had fun painting and taking care of the garden with her 3 year old niece, Wilma. As soon as peonie bloomed she took a picture and sent me the card. What a marvelous flower!!

Besides gardening, she is also very found of art and she went visiting a nice exhibition of Emil Nolde in Skarhamm by the Nordiska Akvarellmuseet.  So, thank you Gunnel for the useful suggestions about a regenerating summer holiday at home…thinking of next travel in Tuscany!!

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