Jan & Ulla – Sweden


Find here an email we got from our friends Jan and Ulla, teling what happened during their last travel in Portugal with the family. They now know and (we too) the real reason for going to Portugal all together…….what a big and nice surprise!!!!

“Hej på er!
Vi fick vara med på ett härligt bröllop i Lissabon den 20 maj 2010.
Fredrik och Cathrine gifte sig på Norska ambassaden i Lissabon.
Detta kom som en riktig överraskning för oss och Cathrines föräldrar.
En riktigt trevlig dag för oss alla.
Ulla och Jan
Hi relatives,
Fredrik and Cathrine married in Lisbon May 20, 2010.
It was a big surprise to us, but we were present.
We were not informed, but they had asked us to come to Lisbon for a vacation.
It was a lovely day for Fredrik, Cathrine, her parents and us.
Ulla and Jan”

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