Early Spring in Volpaia


The Castle of Volpaia is our secret place.

We use to go there before the season start and when it is finished. It is a tradition we follow since we opened the B&B. We have been driving there by motorbike for 4 years then kids arrived and we go there by car now.

Usually we love to stroll in the narrow street and be fascinated by the building that are now wonderfully restored preserving the mistery of the past. Every turning or every empty space between a building and another is a scenic view. It seems to be in a renaissance painting gallery and everystep is a new masterpiece. Sometimes when the horizon is clear you can see the towers of Siena.

The aristocrate landlady who owns most of the village is a rose lover, like me. ( Unfortunately I believe this is the only thing we have in common…) During the years she has been planting climbing roses in every street in different colours and shapes for a fabolous effect. When we went there, it was too early for rose in blossom but I believe now it must be a fragrant triumph of colours and joy.

We invite you to visit Castle of Volpaia during your stay in Chianti and we hope you can experience the same emotions as we do, and even more….

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