Winter at Ancora del Chianti


Most of our guests ask: “What do you do in winter?”

This is Filippo’s answer: “I take care of the vineyard and olive trees“.

Winter is a quite moment in the fields: pruning and maitenance is the main job to do. Fixing wires and supports is important to make sure that the plant has the proper heat, light and space in order to grow, develop and have the best grapes. Sometimes Filippo is obliged to replace poles alone and so he designed a new (heavy) tool that enables him to stick pole with no help. It is a clever idea we found during our last trip in Cote du Rhone (France).

Usually we do maintenance after/during pruning as it is important to act in accordance with the shape we want to give to the plants. Depending on shape, you can get different results:  what is the best is a big topic of winter discussion with our friends passionate of wine making.

More pictures on our Flickr Page.

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