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Painting Lessons and Workshop in Tuscany 2018

Art course holidays in Italy or just a short art break in Tuscany is the dream for most of the people who enjoy the history of art or paint themselves but it is hard to combine a convenient accommodation, an enthusiastic and competent local teacher who speaks your language and an unforgettable setting with...flexibility
Art course holidays in Italy or just a short art break in Tuscany is the dream for most of the people who enjoy the history of art or paint themselves but it is hard to combine a convenient accommodation, an enthusiastic and competent local teacher who speaks your language and an unforgettable setting with...flexibility
Ancora del Chianti B&B is the perfect location for an artistic and personal experience while enjoying your holiday in Chianti. It is centrally located between Florence and Siena, in the heart of Chianti, overlooking the valley of the small town of Greve in Chianti,Tuscany. The overwhelming beauty of the hills covered by vines and olive grooves, mediterreanean vegetation, farmhouses and cypresses as well as the flowered garden will inspire and invite you to paint and draw.
Laura, owner of Ancora del Chianti BB and a painter herself, together with her staff will offer a pleasant accomodation and a caring and dedicated personal assistence during your stay in Chianti.
You can join our Residential Workshop with International Masters 2018-2019 with group lessons (see calendar here) or opt for private painting classes
The wonderful Tuscan light has inspired an infinity of artists. Whether you are an absolute beginner looking for a new challange, or more experienced willing to improve your existing watercolor skills:
You will be guided by a passionate and experienced teacher in an inspiring and warm environment.
The teacher combines her passion for arts and watercolour and acrylic painting with a competent teaching approch and a strong connection to nature.
She will give you tips and advices helping you to improve and develop your personal style and expression. 
Your class program will be personalized to your needs, existing skills and objectives.
You can learn how to draw your subject and compose the painting, about color theory and perspective.
You will excercise different watercolour and acrylic techniques, including layering, positive and negative painting, improve your control of water and colour.
You will obtain all the necessary knowledge to continue the adventure of painting watercolours on your own once you will be back home!
Lessons are individual for beginners and/or more experienced students. The program will be arranged according to the level and the expectations of the students. Specific programs for families and small groups. Even just a  half-day painting experience in Tuscany will give you a full immersion into the wonderful world of watercolours and one painting at least will be completed. Basic material is provided. More specific art material can be provided on request.
Painting Courses from € 60.00 per lesson per person - ASK NOW
Landscape Painting Workshop
The marvellous views and scenic settings of Ancora del Chianti will inspire us with endless subjects. Painting 'en plein air'  and enjoying the outdoor location embracing olive grooves, wines and the hills of Chianti will certainly be an unforgettable experience. 
Sketching and drawing, composition and perspective, light and shadow - observing and capturing the Tuscan colours and light during different moments of the day, as well as studies of characteristic elements will be part of the program. You will learn how to build up a watercolour painting with layers and achieve deepness and distance to your work ending up with a very personal souvenir of Tuscany!
Nature and Floral Painting Workshop
You will be inspired by the beatiful garden and surroundings of Ancora del Chianti B&B with flowers, herbs, trees and branches with their foliage and fruits, pots with succulents and much more.
Painting surrounded by the fragrance of the seasonal flowering such as roses, honeysuckle and iris…as well as herbs like mint, lavender, rosemary, is a pleasure for your senses but also a great way to practice and learn more about watercolour techniques and botany as the teacher is also a keen gardener.
Watercolours are fantastic for capturing the levity of flowers and nature, making colours flow with the water and seeing the magic appear! 
Still Life Painting Workshop
Consider this one of the best ways to learn or improve your painting and drawing skills, blending colours, practicing the different techniques of layering, wet-on-wet painting and wet-on-dry painting.
Inspiring still lifes with everyday objects, fruit or natural elements  will help us to study light and shadow, colour, prospective and composition, positive and negative painting as well as painting the background. 
 New 2018:  DIP IN COLOURS: DIVE INTO YOURSELF! Inspirational Creative Painting Workshop 
Often you learn the most when you are just playing with water and color: if you feel blocked when painting, even don't think you can draw or just want to feel more confident with this media, learn the basics of mixing the colors and experimental watercolour techniques. You will excercise and learn more of techniques like wet on wet painting and wet on dry painting, positive and negative painting, how to create structures and experiment mixing different alternative materials. The skills you achieve will turn out very useful as part of your future abstract and figurative paintings! Perfect for small groups or children with parents suitable for absolute beginners and artists of different skill levels and ages. Together you will explore the basic technics with a more creative approach and the result can be anything from abstract to figurative! - Perfect for individuals, families and small groups
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