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Cooking Class in Tuscany

This is the perfect way to learn to cook delightful Tuscan cuisine in a young and informal atmosphere. With a Tuscany cooking lesson you will experience a true hands-on cooking course in Tuscany.
Later, we will set the table and then....everybody enjoy the meal!

Enjoy a Traditional Tuscan hands-on Cooking Class or a Fresh Pasta & Sauces Full Immersion followed by a convivial lunch or dinner: you will cook a traditional Italian/Tuscan meal with 4-5 courses and learn the secret of the famous Italian fresh pasta in a friendly and informal atmosphere. You will spend a pleasant morning or afternoon in the kitchen of chopping, cooking and having fun.

Later, you will lay the table and... Buon Appetito! 


Fresh Pasta & Sauces Focus: 2.5 - 3 hour course and dinner to follow. It includes pasta and sauces making hands on cooking class and dinner with the pasta. Suitable for vegetarians. No partecipants to the cooking class can join for the meal. Special for groups.


Full Menu Cooking Class: 2.5 - 3 hour course and lunch/dinner to follow at € 120.00 per person. It includes cooking class, lunch/dinner and wine. No partecipants to the cooking class can join for the meal.



For a complete sensory and memorable experience,
combine the cooking class with
or join our 3 day FOOD&WINE at only euro 180.00 p/p for 3 nights.


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