Bed and Breakfast Greve in Chianti near Florence - B&B Ancora del Chianti

Yoga - Mindfulness Retreat in Tuscany 2020

Yoga, mindfulness and meditation retreats and workshops in Tuscany surrounded by lush nature, silence and beautiful landscape. 



19th June - 21st June 2020: MINDFULNESS RETREAT - Awakening - Summer Mindfulness Retreat

Nature brings everywhere a positive message and invites you to awaken to life, meeting the new things to come with courage, trust and lightness. Meditating on the beginning of summer is the occasion for you to awaken your senses and celebrate the triumph of life. We will do this by cultivating the art of being outdoors with a deep-rooted, contemplative presence, with the receptivity and openness necessary to connect with yourself and the world. Through guided mindfulness practices - from Lake Meditation to Sky Gazing - it will be possible to experience a deep and welcoming silence and gently touch moments of pure joy, connection, love and a sense of wonder. ASK NOW!

3rd - 10th July 2020: MINDFULNESS & DETOX: Mindfulness and intermittent fasting for physical and mental well-being

The course aims is to introduce the theory and practice of mindfulness with particular reference to its usefulness in the management of food addiction behaviors, to use the millennial practice of intermittent fasting as an excuse to "test" our self-discipline and the ability to show loving kindness towards our inner child, to identify exercises and methods of "self-compassion" to joyfully face the discipline necessary for dieting and to overcome the feelings of guilt or failure that often accompany the inevitable falls. ASK NOW!

27th - 31st August 2020: YOGA & MEDITATION RETREAT: all inclusive yoga retreat to get away, relax and recharge

Escape to Tuscany: practice lots of yoga, meditation and pranayama, enjoy delicious, fresh and healthy homemade style Italian food, participate in painting and pasta making workshops and have plenty of time for yourself to unwind and reconnect with yourself in harmony with nature. You will practice yoga with the intention to let go and connect on a deep level within yourself, with those around you and with your surroundings/nature. Every morning, we will be practicing a dynamic vinyasa flow to guide your awareness inwards. The second session is focused on deepening the yoga knowledge through different yoga workshops. In the evening, we will either have a slow yin yoga session or sound bath to calm and relax our bodies and mind. ASK NOW!