Life and Sugar Detox Retreat Tuscany Vacation Package

Life and Sugar Detox Retreat Tuscany Vacation Package

The only thing that truly matters to us, is that we want to experience this life as profoundly as possible.

Whatever we do, all of us is looking to expand and experience life in a deeper way. To be able to achieve that, we need to become more conscious, perceptive and alert, and be open to life so we are fully on with life.

Joining this 7-Day Life & Sugar Detox Retreat you will learn learn methods and tools to organise your system the way that it takes instructions from you, arriving to the original point of the addiction, and how to set free. As we’re energy and information, we can access the creation point of our addiction or dis-ease in our body on the cellular level, and release it.

from 22 to 29 June 2019 - 7 Day LIFE & SUGAR DETOX RETREAT - the perfect opportunity to experience:

  • Raw, Plant Based, Pranic Foods, gluten & wheat-free, refined sugar-free. Local & Seasonal fresh fruits, vegetables and specialities.
  • Boosting and Nutritious Super Foods – You will learn how to make simple Raw Nutritious & Pranic Creations, including Vibrant Desserts & Treats
  • Creating new supportive and empowering ways to set off for Sugar-Free Journey
  • Conscious breathing and guided meditation
  • Connecting with nature, gentle exercises, walking, dance, simple yoga practices to support detoxification
  • Detoxing on all levels to balance your energy, emotions, mind and body
  • Simple yet powerful methods, tools and processes to organise your system so it works for you, not against you
  • What makes you hungry? Identify different hungers & the Emotional Hunger
  • How to identify and work with emotions, and release any negative emotions
  • Introduction to Self-Healing method ‘Inner Guidance’ 
  • Emotional Eating – identify the emotions behind the foods you’re craving for
  • One individual follow up Skype call after the retreat when you come back home

Signing for this LIFE & SUGAR DETOX Retreat will be the first step into a conscious and vibrant living, and the direction that feels right for you! And as a result feel balance and harmony, and the INNER FREEDOM and JOY of eating and experiencing life.

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