Chianti Bed & Breakfast near Florence Siena - Ancora del Chianti

Chianti Wine Tours with Tasting in Tuscany

At only 10 min. drive from here, enjoy a guided tour with visit to the Castle's gardens and historical ageing cellars followed by a guided wine tour with tasting of a selection of the best wines and, if you wish, lunch with gastronomic Tuscan specialities prepared with raw ingredients from the castle itself.

  Wine Tour & Tasting: € 18.00 p/p. at 3.00 and 4.00 pm (1h 30);  Mon. - Fri. 

Wine Tour & Tasting with Light Lunch: € 32.00 p/p. at 11.00 am (2 h 30);  Mon. - Fri.

Wine Tour & Tasting with Traditional Lunch: €  58.00 p/p at 12.00 pm (3 h);  Mon. - Fri. 


Light Lunch Menu:

Great Trencher of cold meat:
ham, Tuscan salami, fennel seeds salami, wild boar salami, garlic bread,

Great Trencher of chesees:
black crostino with lard, head cheese, pecorino,
caprino (fresh goat cheese) with farm honey and Balsamic Vinegar

Liquor and dessert, coffee. 

Traditional Lunch Menu: 

ham, wild boar salami, head cheese, crostino with lard from the Greve Valley, garlic bread 

pasta with sauce and herbs

grilled sausages and rosticciana (pork ribs) or
roast loin of pork or “stracotto al Chianti Classico” (depending on the season)
with salad and white beans or cheackpeas

a tasting of pecorino with Balsamico Vinegar

Liquor and Dessert:
Tasting of Grappa accompanied by traditional cakes/cookies

 For a complete sensory and memorable experience, 
combine these visits with the OLIVE OIL TOUR and the COOKING CLASS,
or join our 3 day FOOD&WINE at only euro 195.00 p/p for 3 nights.
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