Chianti Bed and Breakfast near Florence - B&B Ancora del Chianti

Olive Oil Tour with Tasting in Tuscany

Unique visit in the only olive oil press of Chianti where you can meet enthusiastic and quality oriented olive oil producers ready to share their passion and knowledge. Tour of the press with explanation about production, pressing, a tasting with sensory analysis in the glass learming to match different kind of food with the perfect olive oil variety.

The owners family has been producing extra virgin olive oil for 4 generations together with saffron, wine and iris roots. After the explanation about how to grow and press olives,  in the tasting hall you will learn about oil and food awareness: how a good quality oil is produced, and how to detect quality factors with a sensorial analysis in a glass. You will taste the whole range of monocultivar and blending, different for intensity and structure. The experience will continue by learning to match all different kind of food with the proper oil. 

Extra virgin olive oil tasting sensorial analysis: € 15,00 p/p (1 h) -booking in advance required 


 For a complete sensory and memorable experience, 
combine these visits with the WINE TOUR WITH TASTING and the COOKING CLASS,
or join our 3 day FOOD&WINE at only euro 180.00 p/p for 3 nights.

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